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Who declares the financial emergency ?

[A] President
[B] Prime Minister
[C] Finance Minister
[D] None of the above
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Sunny Anchu - 4 years ago

A] President

Rishabh Kohale - 5 years ago

I thinkPresident

Vikash Kumar
Vikash Kumar - 4 years ago

Vikash Kumar from India is saying President is correct answer

Gaurav Bundel
Gaurav Bundel - 4 years ago

Gaurav Bundel from India is saying President is correct answer

Shivani - 4 years ago

Shivani from Chandigarh, India is saying Prime Minister is correct answer

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Who is known a the first Law Officer of India?

  • [A] Chief Justice of India
  • [B] Solicitor General of India
  • [C] Law Secretary
  • [D] Law Minister of India

In India, national income is estimated by :

  • [A] National Sample Survey Organization
  • [B] Central Statistical Organization
  • [C] Planning Commission
  • [D] Indian Statistical Institute

The party "Forward Block" was formed by-------

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  • [B] S.Patel
  • [C] M.Gandhi
  • [D] S.C.Bose

The Constitution of India was adopted on .....

  • [A] 26th November 1949
  • [B] 26th January 1949
  • [C] 26th November 1950
  • [D] 26th January 1950

How many Schedules are contained in the Constitution of India?

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  • [B] 20 Schedules
  • [C] 10 Schedules
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