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Which container use border layout

[A] Fram
[B] Dialog
[C] window
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Mina Atef
Mina Atef - 4 years ago

Mina Atef from Cairo, Egypt is saying Fram is correct answer

Kuheli Mitra
Kuheli Mitra - 4 years ago

Kuheli Mitra from Bangalore, India is saying Fram is correct answer

pritish mohapatra
pritish mohapatra - 4 years ago

pritish mohapatra from Bengaluru, India is saying window is correct answer

hima bindu
hima bindu - 4 years ago

hima bindu from Visakhapatnam, India is saying ALL is correct answer

Hima Bindu
Hima Bindu - 4 years ago

Hima Bindu from Visakhapatnam, India is saying Fram is correct answer

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The JDK command to compile a class in the file Test.java is

  • [A] java Test
  • [B] javac Test.java
  • [C] javac Test

which package contain jdbc class

  • [A] java.jdbc and javax.jdbc
  • [B] java.jdbc and java.jdbc.sql
  • [C] java.sql and javax.sql
  • [D] java.rdb and javax.rdb

Java was first developed in ?

  • [A] 1990
  • [B] 1991
  • [C] 1993
  • [D] 1996

A JSP is transformed into a:

  • [A] servlet
  • [B] method
  • [C] java class
  • [D] applet