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The genetics website 23andme.com get its name from the fact that all people have twenty-three what?

[A] White blood cells
[B] Chromosome pairs
[C] Brain synapses
[D] Internal organs

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Gyan Kashyap
Gyan Kashyap - 2 weeks ago

Gyan Kashyap from Delhi, India is saying Chromosome pairs is correct answer

Suneel Agrawal
Suneel Agrawal - 3 months ago

Suneel Agrawal from Delhi, India is saying Internal organs is correct answer

Arav Jain
Arav Jain - 6 months ago

Arav Jain from Bentonville, United States is saying Chromosome pairs is correct answer

Mark Zimmermann
Mark Zimmermann - 7 months ago

Mark Zimmermann from Tallinn, Estonia is saying White blood cells is correct answer

Olatunde Ogunsuyi
Olatunde Ogunsuyi - 7 months ago

Olatunde Ogunsuyi from Lagos, Nigeria is saying Chromosome pairs is correct answer

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