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which container use flow layout as default layout

[A] Applet
[B] pannel
[C] both
[D] none
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Shamsa hafeez
Shamsa hafeez - 1 week ago

Shamsa hafeez from Lahore, Pakistan is saying pannel is correct answer

akshay kharat
akshay kharat - 1 week ago

akshay kharat from Pune, India is saying pannel is correct answer

Tsega Asresa Mengistu
Tsega Asresa Mengistu - 1 week ago

Tsega Asresa Mengistu from Dessie, Ethiopia is saying pannel is correct answer

Vaibhav Bisht
Vaibhav Bisht - 1 month ago

Vaibhav Bisht from Dehradun, India is saying both is correct answer

AHMED SOULIMANI - 1 month ago

AHMED SOULIMANI from Casablanca, Morocco is saying pannel is correct answer

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