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In March 2020, which of the following has slashed the key interest rate to virtually zero in response to the growing economic impact of the New Coronavirus?

[A] US Federal Reserve
[B] European Central Bank
[D] Bank of Japan
[E] Bank of England
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Bidhan Kumar Das
Bidhan Kumar Das - 1 year ago

Bidhan Kumar Das from Bhubaneswar, India is saying European Central Bank is correct answer

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The joint exercise named 'India-Africa Field Training' will be held in which place?

  • [A] Pune
  • [B] Dehradun
  • [C] Chandigarh
  • [D] Lucknow
  • [E] Visakhapatnam

The capital raising tool whereby a listed company can issue equity shares, fully and partly convertible debentures is called 
एक पूंजी बढ़ोत्तरी उपकरण जहाँ अनुसूचित कंपनी प्रतिभूति शेयर, सम्पूर्ण एवं अर्ध परिवर्तनीय ऋणपत्र वितरण कर सकती हैं को _______ कहते हैं|

  • [A] Equity and Securities Placement
    इक्विटी और प्रतिभूति प्लेसमेंट
  • [B] Qualified Equity Placement
    क्वालिफाइड इक्विटी प्लेसमेंट
  • [C] Qualified Institutional Placement
    क्वालिफाइड इंस्टिट्यूशनल प्लेसमेंट
  • [D] Equity and Debenture Placement
    इक्विटी और डिबेंचर प्लेसमेंट
  • [E] Qualified Debenture Placement
    क्वालिफाइड डिबेंचर प्लेसमेंट

Justice RS Chauhan has been appointed as the Chief Justice of which high court in June 2019?

  • [A] Himachal Pradesh
  • [B] Uttarkhand
  • [C] Bombay
  • [D] Telangana
  • [E] Delhi