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What is the numerical range of char?

[A] 0 to 65535
[B] 0 to 32767
[C] -256 to 255
[D] none
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Mina Atef
Mina Atef - 4 years ago

Mina Atef from Cairo, Egypt is saying 0 to 32767 is correct answer

Kuheli Mitra
Kuheli Mitra - 4 years ago

Kuheli Mitra from Bangalore, India is saying 0 to 65535 is correct answer

Sai Krishna
Sai Krishna - 4 years ago

Sai Krishna from Palakollu, India is saying none is correct answer

Dimana Ignatova
Dimana Ignatova - 4 years ago

Dimana Ignatova from Sofia, Bulgaria is saying -256 to 255 is correct answer

pritish mohapatra
pritish mohapatra - 4 years ago

pritish mohapatra from Bengaluru, India is saying -256 to 255 is correct answer

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  • [B] A web toolkit
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URL stand for

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Which among the following is the compulsory section of java program ?

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