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Executable applet is

[A] .java file
[B] .class
[C] .applet
[D] java
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R.Maghalakshmi - 4 years ago

R.Maghalakshmi from Mumbai, India is saying .applet is correct answer

Kuheli Mitra
Kuheli Mitra - 4 years ago

Kuheli Mitra from Bangalore, India is saying java is correct answer

nevaeh destiny
nevaeh destiny - 4 years ago

nevaeh destiny from Bengaluru, India is saying .applet is correct answer

pritish mohapatra
pritish mohapatra - 4 years ago

pritish mohapatra from Bengaluru, India is saying .applet is correct answer

hima bindu
hima bindu - 4 years ago

hima bindu from Visakhapatnam, India is saying .java file is correct answer

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forName() is a static method of

  • [A] java.lang.class
  • [B] java.util
  • [C] java.object
  • [D] java.connection

String object is

  • [A] mutable
  • [B] immutable

How can u execute DML statement in Database

  • [A] By invoking the execute(...) or executeUpdate(...) method of a normal Statement object or a sub-interface object thereof
  • [B] By invoking the executeInsert(...), executeDelete(...) or executeUpdate(...) methods of the DataModificationStatement object
  • [C] By making use of the InsertStatement, DeleteStatement or UpdateStatement classes
  • [D] None