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Which of the following diseases are related to coronavirus?

[C] Both A and B
[D] Neither A nor B
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amaan khan
amaan khan - 4 months ago

amaan khan is saying Both A and B is correct answer

R.R. Gadade creation
R.R. Gadade creation - 5 months ago

R.R. Gadade creation from Pune, India is saying Both A and B is correct answer

Family hussain
Family hussain - 1 year ago

Family hussain from Bengaluru, India is saying Both A and B is correct answer

siddharth patel
siddharth patel - 1 year ago

siddharth patel from Raipur, India is saying SARS is correct answer

Valji Jivabhai Shingala
Valji Jivabhai Shingala - 1 year ago

Valji Jivabhai Shingala from Rajkot, India is saying Both A and B is correct answer

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What happens to a person suffering from COVID-19?

  • [A] Around 80% of the people will require no treatment as such and will recover on their own.
  • [B] Around <20% or a small proportion may need hospitalization.
  • [C] A very small proportion basically suffering from chronic illness may need admission in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
  • [D] All the above are correct

How does Coronavirus transmit?

  • [A] When a person sneezes or cough, droplets spread in the air or fall on the ground and nearby surfaces.
  • [B] If another person is nearby and inhales the droplets or touches these surfaces and further touches his face, eyes or mouth, he or she can get an infection.
  • [C] If the distance is less than 1 meter from the infected person.
  • [D] All the above are correct.

SARS is described as a zoonotic virus - what does this mean?

  • [A] Such viruses are confined to animals
  • [B] They do not cause disease in humans
  • [C] They emerge from animals to cross the species barrier infrequently
  • [D] They cause pandemics

Mild Symptoms of Novel coronavirus are:

  • [A] Fever
  • [B] Cough
  • [C] Shortness of breath
  • [D] All the above

MERS has four special characteristics and here we have one exception - which is it?

  • [A] Spread by faecal oral route
  • [B] Aerosol droplet transmission
  • [C] Reservoir in bats
  • [D] A conduit to humans via camels