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For accessing a structure element using a pointer,you must use?

[A] Pointer operator (&)
[B] Dot operators(.)
[C] Pointer operator(*)
[D] Arrow operator(->)
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s g m
s g m - 4 years ago

s g m from Solapur, India is saying Dot operators(.) is correct answer

naveen kalusalingam
naveen kalusalingam - 4 years ago

naveen kalusalingam from Chennai, India is saying Arrow operator(->) is correct answer

Luiz Regalo Pural
Luiz Regalo Pural - 4 years ago

Luiz Regalo Pural from Philippines is saying Pointer operator(*) is correct answer

Shuvam sinha
Shuvam sinha - 4 years ago

Shuvam sinha from Berhampur, India is saying Dot operators(.) is correct answer

Chamu Kolipakula
Chamu Kolipakula - 4 years ago

Chamu Kolipakula from Vijayawada, India is saying Pointer operator (&) is correct answer

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Which operator is used to connect structure name to its member name?

  • [A] dot operator(.)
  • [B] logical operator(&&)
  • [C] pointer operator(&)
  • [D] Arrow operator(->)

Which of the following comment about Union is false?

  • [A] Union is a structure whose members share same memory area
  • [B] The compiler will keep track of what type of information is currently stored
  • [C] Only one of the members of union can be assigned a value at particular time
  • [D] Size allocated for Union is the size of its member needing the maximum storage

A -> B is syntactically correct if?

  • [A] a and b are structure
  • [B] a is a structure and b is a pointer to structure
  • [C] a is a pointer to structure and b is a structure
  • [D] a is a pointer to structure in which b is a field