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A class cannot be ?

[A] Virtual
[B] Generic
[C] Inline
[D] Friend
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Elijah Rodriguez
Elijah Rodriguez - 1 month ago

Elijah Rodriguez is saying Inline is correct answer

Tassino Gh
Tassino Gh - 3 months ago

Tassino Gh from Cairo, Egypt is saying Inline is correct answer

Blank OP
Blank OP - 4 years ago

Blank OP from Bacolod City, Philippines is saying Generic is correct answer

swathi - 4 years ago

swathi from Chennai, India is saying Inline is correct answer

Rohan Bhosale
Rohan Bhosale - 4 years ago

Rohan Bhosale from Pune, India is saying Inline is correct answer

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The public files in a class library usually contain ?

  • [A] Constant definitions
  • [B] member function definitions
  • [C] class declarations
  • [D] variable definition

Which member function of class cannot modify its objects attributes ?

  • [A] friend functions
  • [B] Private member functions
  • [C] Constant member functions
  • [D] Static member functions

classes are useful because they

  • [A] are removed from memory when not in use
  • [B] permit data to be hidden from other classes
  • [C] bring together all aspects of an entity in one place
  • [D] can closely model objects in the real world

In C++, a function contained within the class is called ?

  • [A] member function
  • [B] a class function
  • [C] a method
  • [D] none of above