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In C++, a function contained within the class is called ?

[A] member function
[B] a class function
[C] a method
[D] none of above
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haile feleke - 3 years ago

variable with a class:data member

Mohand Amr
Mohand Amr - 11 hours ago

Mohand Amr is saying member function is correct answer

Blank OP
Blank OP - 4 years ago

Blank OP from Bacolod City, Philippines is saying a class function is correct answer

swathi - 4 years ago

swathi from Chennai, India is saying member function is correct answer

Rohan Bhosale
Rohan Bhosale - 4 years ago

Rohan Bhosale from Pune, India is saying member function is correct answer

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  • [A] Virtual
  • [B] Generic
  • [C] Inline
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Shallow copy is

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  • [C] Same kind like deep copy
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classes are useful because they

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