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Polymorphism is implemented through which mechanism in C++ ?

[A] Late Interpretation
[B] Late Binding
[C] Early Binding
[D] Overloading
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CM SHARMA - 4 years ago

early binding means

esraa nashat
esraa nashat - 1 week ago

esraa nashat from Cairo, Egypt is saying Overloading is correct answer

Piyush Mohan (RA1911032010056)
Piyush Mohan (RA1911032010056) - 2 months ago

Piyush Mohan (RA1911032010056) from Chennai, India is saying Overloading is correct answer

Priya - 2 months ago

Priya from Hyderabad, India is saying Late Binding is correct answer

Zunaira jafar
Zunaira jafar - 3 months ago

Zunaira jafar from Hafizabad, Pakistan is saying Early Binding is correct answer

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