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Dragons have wings like a bird and scales like a lizard. In object oriented verabage, we would say this is an example of ?

[A] Multilevel Inheritance
[B] Polymorphism
[C] Multiple inheritance
[D] Aggregation
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Arpit Bora
Arpit Bora - 1 day ago

Arpit Bora is saying Multiple inheritance is correct answer

Vaishnavi Patil
Vaishnavi Patil - 1 day ago

Vaishnavi Patil is saying Aggregation is correct answer

AMAN KUMAR VERMA - 1 day ago

AMAN KUMAR VERMA is saying Multiple inheritance is correct answer

Atharva Tirkhunde
Atharva Tirkhunde - 1 day ago

Atharva Tirkhunde is saying Polymorphism is correct answer

Blank OP
Blank OP - 4 years ago

Blank OP from Bacolod City, Philippines is saying Multiple inheritance is correct answer

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Do-while is an ...... loop.

  • [A] Entry control
  • [B] Exit control
  • [C] Entry enrolled
  • [D] None of these

cfront ?

  • [A] is the front end of C compiler
  • [B] is the pre-processor of C compiler
  • [C] is a tool that translate a C++ code to its equivalent C code
  • [D] None of above

......... means the ability that one thing can take several distinct forms ?

  • [A] Dynamic Binding
  • [B] Early Binding
  • [C] Polymorphism
  • [D] None of above

The wrapping up of data and functions into a single unit is called ?

  • [A] Inheritance
  • [B] Polymorphism
  • [C] Encapsulation
  • [D] Overloading