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how many types of expression in c++.

[A] 5
[B] 6
[C] 7
[D] 8
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Blank OP
Blank OP - 4 years ago

Blank OP from Bacolod City, Philippines is saying 7 is correct answer

swathi - 4 years ago

swathi from Chennai, India is saying 7 is correct answer

Biki - 4 years ago

Biki from Gangtok, India is saying 8 is correct answer

naveen kalusalingam
naveen kalusalingam - 4 years ago

naveen kalusalingam from Chennai, India is saying 6 is correct answer

Neyah Deshmukh
Neyah Deshmukh - 4 years ago

Neyah Deshmukh from India is saying 5 is correct answer

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C++ was originally developed by ?

  • [A] Colcksin and Mellish
  • [B] Donald E.Knuth
  • [C] Sir Richard Handlee
  • [D] Bajarne Stoustrup

......... means the ability that one thing can take several distinct forms ?

  • [A] Dynamic Binding
  • [B] Early Binding
  • [C] Polymorphism
  • [D] None of above

Which of the following is not a C++ Compiler ?

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  • [B] Turbo C++
  • [C] Borland C++
  • [D] C++ compiler

The technique by which objects communicate with each other is called ?

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  • [B] function passing
  • [C] message passing
  • [D] none of above

The wrapping up of data and functions into a single unit is called ?

  • [A] Inheritance
  • [B] Polymorphism
  • [C] Encapsulation
  • [D] Overloading