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In computing terminology, which of these terms means a mistake or an error in a computer program?

[A] Bug
[B] Tug
[C] Mug
[D] Hug
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VIRENDRA - 2 years ago

BUG is answer

VISHAL SHARMA - 2 years ago

BUG is correct answer

Valji Jivabhai Shingala - 3 years ago

THis is an admirable and commendable job you have offered to the general public who wants to contents in KBC.But I want to know the answers I have given in the quiz and also want to copy it in words file. pl. allow me to
do so. .

Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta - 3 weeks ago

Vishal Gupta from Raxaul, India is saying Bug is correct answer

Mangaimanos Lightbook
Mangaimanos Lightbook - 3 months ago

Mangaimanos Lightbook from Bengaluru, India is saying Bug is correct answer

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