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Which of these sportsmen is nicknamed “Hitman”?

[A] Shikhar Dhawan
[B] Rohit Sharma
[C] Virat Kohli
[D] Sachin Tendulkar
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bikash kumar - 2 years ago

Rohit sharma

Ranjit Kumar Prusty - 3 years ago


Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta - 3 weeks ago

Vishal Gupta from Raxaul, India is saying Rohit Sharma is correct answer

rachna rachna
rachna rachna - 4 months ago

rachna rachna from Jaipur, India is saying Rohit Sharma is correct answer

Amit Rastogi
Amit Rastogi - 7 months ago

Amit Rastogi from Delhi, India is saying Virat Kohli is correct answer

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