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Which of these, when solved, will yield the highest value?

[A] 6×12
[B] 7×11
[C] 8×10
[D] 9×9
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bikash kumar - 2 years ago

d 9334779364

Akeeb Malligawad - 3 years ago

D is the correct answer

Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta - 3 weeks ago

Vishal Gupta from Raxaul, India is saying 9×9 is correct answer

Paramjeet Singh
Paramjeet Singh - 3 months ago

Paramjeet Singh from Mohali, India is saying 7×11 is correct answer

rachna rachna
rachna rachna - 4 months ago

rachna rachna from Jaipur, India is saying 9×9 is correct answer

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