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What is the name of the brothers who played for Mumbai Indians?

[A] Chahar
[B] Pathan
[C] Warner
[D] Pandya
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Soni Sada
Soni Sada - 2 months ago

Soni Sada from Pune, India is saying Pathan is correct answer

siddharth patel
siddharth patel - 2 months ago

siddharth patel from Raipur, India is saying Pandya is correct answer

Rajat Karn
Rajat Karn - 2 months ago

Rajat Karn from Ranchi, India is saying Chahar is correct answer

Sunita kumari
Sunita kumari - 2 months ago

Sunita kumari from Bengaluru, India is saying Chahar is correct answer

Vibhu - 3 months ago

Vibhu from Kochi, India is saying Pathan is correct answer

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