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Which one of the following skill combinations is required for top management in descending order ?

[A] technical,human,conceptual
[B] technical,conceptual,human
[C] conceptual,human,technical
[D] human,conceptual,technical
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dagi top
dagi top - 4 weeks ago

dagi top is saying technical,conceptual,human is correct answer

Masozi Kamanga
Masozi Kamanga - 1 month ago

Masozi Kamanga is saying technical,conceptual,human is correct answer

JH fitmuscles
JH fitmuscles - 1 month ago

JH fitmuscles is saying technical,human,conceptual is correct answer

loveleen bajaj
loveleen bajaj - 2 months ago

loveleen bajaj is saying technical,conceptual,human is correct answer

Rajeev Chauhan
Rajeev Chauhan - 3 months ago

Rajeev Chauhan from Srinagar, India is saying conceptual,human,technical is correct answer

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