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Top management functions are the most important because they take care of ?

[A] Specific problems
[B] overall organization
[C] routine problems
[D] extraordinary problems
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Vijaya Lakshmi
Vijaya Lakshmi - 1 month ago

Vijaya Lakshmi is saying overall organization is correct answer

Preetha Balasubramanian
Preetha Balasubramanian - 1 month ago

Preetha Balasubramanian is saying Specific problems is correct answer

Megavardhini Arunraj
Megavardhini Arunraj - 1 month ago

Megavardhini Arunraj is saying overall organization is correct answer

Pratham Kamboj
Pratham Kamboj - 1 month ago

Pratham Kamboj is saying overall organization is correct answer

Lovish Arora
Lovish Arora - 1 month ago

Lovish Arora is saying overall organization is correct answer

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A narrow view of the world; an ability to recognize difference between people is known as ?

  • [A] Geocentric Attitude
  • [B] Parochialism
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Which one of the following skill combinations is required for top management in descending order ?

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Bureaucracy is considered most efficient system because ?

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Sales quotas can be set in terms of ?

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  • [B] Unit Volume
  • [C] Product type
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"Life Cycle Theory" of leadership was developed by ?

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