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POSDCORB- the management function was developed by ?

[A] Luther Gulick
[B] Ralph Davis
[C] Henry Fayol
[D] Kootz and O'Donnell
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Ankit Singh - 4 months ago

Correct answer is "Luther Gullick" not Herny Fayol

Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar - 2 months ago

Vinay Kumar from Gurgaon, India is saying Luther Gulick is correct answer

Namita Rathore
Namita Rathore - 3 months ago

Namita Rathore is saying Henry Fayol is correct answer

Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh - 4 months ago

Ankit Singh from Patna, India is saying Luther Gulick is correct answer

Ruchika Kachhawaha
Ruchika Kachhawaha - 2 years ago

Ruchika Kachhawaha from Jaipur, India is saying Henry Fayol is correct answer

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