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Management as a system emphasizes on ?

[A] close system perspective
[B] open system perspective
[C] socio-technical system
[D] None of above
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Ashish Nanda - 1 year ago


Nazia Sayed
Nazia Sayed - 4 years ago

Nazia Sayed from Mumbai, India is saying open system perspective is correct answer

Sufyan Usmani
Sufyan Usmani - 4 years ago

Sufyan Usmani from Lahore, Pakistan is saying open system perspective is correct answer

Päv Maan
Päv Maan - 4 years ago

Päv Maan from Sirsa, India is saying socio-technical system is correct answer

ashi yadav
ashi yadav - 4 years ago

ashi yadav from Auraiya, India is saying open system perspective is correct answer

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POSDCORB- the management function was developed by ?

  • [A] Luther Gulick
  • [B] Ralph Davis
  • [C] Henry Fayol
  • [D] Kootz and O'Donnell

A supervisor's job is different because ?

  • [A] he is linking pin between management and operatives
  • [B] he has to handle technical problems
  • [C] he has to deal with only uneducated workers
  • [D] he is not well recognized in the organization

Bureaucracy is considered most efficient system because ?

  • [A] it insist on rules
  • [B] it prescribes informal relationships
  • [C] it emphasis on human elements in the organization
  • [D] it provides more freedom to action

Which one of the following approach has emerged from the findings of Hawthorne experiments ?

  • [A] Human behavior approach
  • [B] System approach
  • [C] Human relations approach
  • [D] Decision theory approach

A narrow view of the world; an ability to recognize difference between people is known as ?

  • [A] Geocentric Attitude
  • [B] Parochialism
  • [C] Ethnocentric Attitude
  • [D] None of these