Davinder Singh
Davinder Singh - 1 month ago in Daily GK Current Affairs

Who has been appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Punjab National Bank in 2019?

[A] Sunil Mehta
[B] Varun Mehta
[C] Samarth Aggrawal
[D] SS Mallikarjuna Rao
[E] Anil Tripathi

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Atul Jaiswar
Atul Jaiswar - 3 weeks ago

Atul Jaiswar from Mumbai, India is saying Varun Mehta is correct answer

krunalyemulwar - 1 month ago

krunalyemulwar from Ahmedabad, India is saying Sunil Mehta is correct answer

Khemraj - 1 month ago

Khemraj from Pune, India is saying Samarth Aggrawal is correct answer

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Davinder Singh
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भारत - इंडोनेशिया संयुक्त प्रशिक्षण अभ्यास का आयोजन कहाँ किया गया था?
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Davinder Singh
Davinder Singh - 10 months ago in Daily GK Current Affairs
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Davinder Singh
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  • [E] Amit Rohidas