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The problems related to price-rise are handles under ?

[A] Management Accounting
[B] Cost Accounting
[C] Financial Accounting
[D] Inflation Accounting
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Clinton Fernandes
Clinton Fernandes - 1 week ago

Clinton Fernandes is saying Inflation Accounting is correct answer

trupti sahoo
trupti sahoo - 3 weeks ago

trupti sahoo from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Financial Accounting is correct answer

Sourabh Guntur
Sourabh Guntur - 4 months ago

Sourabh Guntur from Malkajgiri, India is saying Inflation Accounting is correct answer

Vaibhav Bansal
Vaibhav Bansal - 6 months ago

Vaibhav Bansal is saying Cost Accounting is correct answer

Nayan chourey
Nayan chourey - 6 months ago

Nayan chourey is saying Management Accounting is correct answer

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Which of the following is not available in the Financial Statements of a Company ?

  • [A] Total Sales
  • [B] Total Profit and Loss
  • [C] Loss from Fire
  • [D] None of above

Accounting is the process of matching

  • [A] Benefits and Costs
  • [B] Revenues and Costs
  • [C] Cash inflows and outflows
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Management Accounting

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  • [B] Is accounting for future
  • [C] Is a recording technique of the management related transactions
  • [D] Is an analysis of the past business activities