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Strategic planning means

[A] Corporate planning
[B] short term planning
[C] Shareholders
[D] Creditors
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Asfaq Bin Kader
Asfaq Bin Kader - 3 weeks ago

Asfaq Bin Kader is saying Corporate planning is correct answer

U18CO120 Usha
U18CO120 Usha - 1 month ago

U18CO120 Usha is saying Shareholders is correct answer

Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar - 2 months ago

Vinay Kumar from Gurgaon, India is saying Corporate planning is correct answer

Namita Rathore
Namita Rathore - 3 months ago

Namita Rathore is saying Corporate planning is correct answer

Bharata bhusan sahoo
Bharata bhusan sahoo - 8 months ago

Bharata bhusan sahoo is saying Corporate planning is correct answer

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The organic organization seeks to maximize flexibility and .....

  • [A] Accuracy
  • [B] Ability
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Accounting is defined as ?

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Which one of the following approach has emerged from the findings of Hawthorne experiments ?

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  • [B] Management is a doing function
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