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Accounting is the process of matching

[A] Benefits and Costs
[B] Revenues and Costs
[C] Cash inflows and outflows
[D] Potential and real performance
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SUSHAMA - 4 years ago

SUSHAMA from Mumbai, India is saying Potential and real performance is correct answer

Brian Richard Diaz
Brian Richard Diaz - 4 years ago

Brian Richard Diaz from Bagong Nayon, Philippines is saying Cash inflows and outflows is correct answer

GOPAL KALITA - 4 years ago

GOPAL KALITA from Guwahati, India is saying Cash inflows and outflows is correct answer

Aayesha K
Aayesha K - 4 years ago

Aayesha K from Pune, India is saying Revenues and Costs is correct answer

Kavisha Nawinna
Kavisha Nawinna - 4 years ago

Kavisha Nawinna from Melbourne, Australia is saying Revenues and Costs is correct answer

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Choose the incorrect statement

  • [A] Accounting is the language of business
  • [B] Transaction are recorded in quantitative terms only
  • [C] Accounting is the art of recording,classifying and summarizing
  • [D] Transaction and events of financial character are subject matter of accounting

Which of the following event is subject matter of Accounting ?

  • [A] Death if key executive of the business/company
  • [B] Strike of workers
  • [C] Payment of Rs.10,000 to bank in discharge of outstanding loan
  • [D] Marriage of the daughter of the Managing Director of the Company

Management Accounting

  • [A] Is a clerical work
  • [B] Is accounting for future
  • [C] Is a recording technique of the management related transactions
  • [D] Is an analysis of the past business activities

Which of the following is not available in the Financial Statements of a Company ?

  • [A] Total Sales
  • [B] Total Profit and Loss
  • [C] Loss from Fire
  • [D] None of above