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The purpose of business, according to Drucker is to ?

[A] Maximize sales
[B] Maximize Profits
[C] Create Customers
[D] Improve Morale
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Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar - 2 months ago

Vinay Kumar from Gurgaon, India is saying Create Customers is correct answer

Namita Rathore
Namita Rathore - 3 months ago

Namita Rathore is saying Improve Morale is correct answer

Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh - 4 months ago

Ankit Singh from Patna, India is saying Maximize Profits is correct answer

Suchita Nikam
Suchita Nikam - 10 months ago

Suchita Nikam from Pune, India is saying Maximize Profits is correct answer

Ruchika Kachhawaha
Ruchika Kachhawaha - 2 years ago

Ruchika Kachhawaha from Jaipur, India is saying Maximize Profits is correct answer

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Accounting is defined as ?

  • [A] An art of recording,classifying and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money,transactions and events which are in part at least,of a financial character and interpreting the results thereof.
  • [B] A systematic and regular record of events clear financial picture
  • [C] A method of ascertaining profits & loss
  • [D] Noting but book keeping

Management Seeks to make

  • [A] Workers efficient
  • [B] Management consultants assertive
  • [C] Organization effective
  • [D] None of above

A narrow view of the world; an ability to recognize difference between people is known as ?

  • [A] Geocentric Attitude
  • [B] Parochialism
  • [C] Ethnocentric Attitude
  • [D] None of these

One of the major contribution of Herbert Simon is in the area of ?

  • [A] Decision making
  • [B] Interpersonal behavior
  • [C] Managerial hierarchy
  • [D] Contingency approach

The organic organization seeks to maximize flexibility and .....

  • [A] Accuracy
  • [B] Ability
  • [C] Adaptability
  • [D] Autnomy