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What is the method of summarizing and classifying the record of financial transaction in monetary terms ?

[A] Book keeping
[B] Auditing
[C] Accountancy
[D] Cost Accounting
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DAJI KHANDEKAR - 1 year ago


trupti sahoo
trupti sahoo - 2 weeks ago

trupti sahoo from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Book keeping is correct answer

Sindhuja Commerce CA
Sindhuja Commerce CA - 2 months ago

Sindhuja Commerce CA is saying Book keeping is correct answer

Sardarni Simranjeet Kaur
Sardarni Simranjeet Kaur - 2 months ago

Sardarni Simranjeet Kaur is saying Auditing is correct answer

Dhileepan Dhoni
Dhileepan Dhoni - 3 months ago

Dhileepan Dhoni is saying Accountancy is correct answer

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