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Switch is a Device of _________ Layer of OSI Model.

[A] Network Layer
[B] Data Link Layer
[C] Application Layer
[D] Session Layer
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Anju Yadav - 1 year ago

The answer is Data Link Layer.

Ghanaram Janghel - 1 year ago

Data link layer

shubham Choudhary
shubham Choudhary - 2 months ago

shubham Choudhary from Shimla, India is saying Network Layer is correct answer

Raja Hasmi
Raja Hasmi - 4 years ago

Raja Hasmi from Vadodara, India is saying Data Link Layer is correct answer

Shourya Singh Rawat
Shourya Singh Rawat - 4 years ago

Shourya Singh Rawat from India is saying Data Link Layer is correct answer

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