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Which of the following network devices/systems translates data from one format to another?

[A] Hub
[B] DHCP Server
[C] Gateway
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Serkie Mekonnen
Serkie Mekonnen - 5 days ago

Serkie Mekonnen from Dessie, Ethiopia is saying DHCP Server is correct answer

harshith - 1 week ago

harshith from Bengaluru, India is saying Hub is correct answer

Bb Bb
Bb Bb - 2 weeks ago

Bb Bb from Baghdad, Iraq is saying DHCP Server is correct answer

Pavitter Chand
Pavitter Chand - 3 weeks ago

Pavitter Chand from Shahjahanpur, India is saying NIC is correct answer

wajid hussain
wajid hussain - 3 weeks ago

wajid hussain from Karachi, Pakistan is saying DHCP Server is correct answer

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