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The feature of Word that automatically adjusts the amount of space between certain combination of characters so that an entire word looks more evenly spaced. What is that feature called?

[A] Spacing
[B] Kerning
[C] Positioning
[D] Scaling
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Amitesh Yadav (Shivam)
Amitesh Yadav (Shivam) - 4 years ago

Amitesh Yadav (Shivam) from India is saying Spacing is correct answer

shweta lambhate
shweta lambhate - 4 years ago

shweta lambhate from India is saying Kerning is correct answer

april bailey
april bailey - 4 years ago

april bailey from Rockford, United States is saying Positioning is correct answer

Brenda Robinson
Brenda Robinson - 4 years ago

Brenda Robinson from Milwaukee, United States is saying Kerning is correct answer

Anil Bhatt
Anil Bhatt - 4 years ago

Anil Bhatt from India is saying Scaling is correct answer

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