7 years ago in MS Word

To insert a drop cap in one of the paragraph you should access

[A] Format
[B] Tools
[C] Insert Menu
[D] None of above
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Nitish Khadaria - 4 years ago

C is correct answer for any version of ms word.

Shahzad Zaib - 4 years ago

insert menu

mohsin ali - 4 years ago

it is insert menu

Muhammad Saqlain - 4 years ago

wrong answer Correct is Insert menu 2016

KUMAR ABHISHEK - 4 years ago

answer will be from INSERT menu

KUMAR ABHISHEK - 4 years ago


Amitesh Yadav (Shivam)
Amitesh Yadav (Shivam) - 4 years ago

Amitesh Yadav (Shivam) from India is saying Tools is correct answer

Swárnáprává Dálaí
Swárnáprává Dálaí - 4 years ago

Swárnáprává Dálaí from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Insert Menu is correct answer

shweta lambhate
shweta lambhate - 4 years ago

shweta lambhate from India is saying Format is correct answer

april bailey
april bailey - 4 years ago

april bailey from Rockford, United States is saying Tools is correct answer

vivek joshi
vivek joshi - 4 years ago

vivek joshi from India is saying Tools is correct answer

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