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Which of the following button will allow you to add, delete, or change records in your Data Source?

[A] �??Edit�?? button
[B] �??Data editing�?? button
[C] �??Data Source�?? button
[D] �??Edit Data Source�?? button
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Rahul Yadav - 3 years ago


Ashi S
Ashi S - 2 weeks ago

Ashi S from Srinagar, India is saying �??Data editing�?? button is correct answer

himadri chaubey
himadri chaubey - 3 months ago

himadri chaubey from New Delhi, India is saying �??Edit�?? button is correct answer

Mirtha Castaneda
Mirtha Castaneda - 6 months ago

Mirtha Castaneda from Norwalk, United States is saying �??Edit Data Source�?? button is correct answer

Aftab Ahmad
Aftab Ahmad - 7 months ago

Aftab Ahmad from Karachi, Pakistan is saying �??Edit�?? button is correct answer

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