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Which of the following symbol sets would be most likely to contain a mathematical symbol such as a degree sign, greater than or equal to, or a Greek letter?

[A] Symbol
[B] Wingdings
[C] Webdings
[D] None of the above
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Tony - 6 days ago

Tony from New Delhi, India is saying Webdings is correct answer

supdt admnIII
supdt admnIII - 2 weeks ago

supdt admnIII is saying Webdings is correct answer

Richard Mensah
Richard Mensah - 1 month ago

Richard Mensah from Cape Coast, Ghana is saying Symbol is correct answer

sanskriti katarey
sanskriti katarey - 1 month ago

sanskriti katarey from Vidisha, India is saying Wingdings is correct answer

Deep - 1 month ago

Deep from Kolkata, India is saying Symbol is correct answer

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