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What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character?

[A] 163
[B] 1638
[C] 16038
[D] None of above
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Ankit Vishwakarma - 4 years ago

1638 the answer is question

Yasir Khan - 4 years ago

ye tao 1638 hi. none of above ka kia matlb

aliaan zafar - 4 years ago

what the fuck?

Amitesh Yadav (Shivam)
Amitesh Yadav (Shivam) - 4 years ago

Amitesh Yadav (Shivam) from India is saying 163 is correct answer

Roselyn Foster
Roselyn Foster - 4 years ago

Roselyn Foster from Accra, Ghana is saying None of above is correct answer

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