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If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?

[A] Edit
[B] View
[C] Format
[D] Tools
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Ashi S
Ashi S - 1 week ago

Ashi S from Srinagar, India is saying Edit is correct answer

himadri chaubey
himadri chaubey - 2 months ago

himadri chaubey from New Delhi, India is saying Format is correct answer

Syed Arham Asad
Syed Arham Asad - 4 months ago

Syed Arham Asad from Lahore, Pakistan is saying View is correct answer

tshepo - 5 months ago

tshepo from Pretoria, South Africa is saying Format is correct answer

Muhammad Afzal
Muhammad Afzal - 5 months ago

Muhammad Afzal from Lahore, Pakistan is saying Format is correct answer

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What is the default font used in MS Word document?

  • [A] Times New Roman
  • [B] Arial
  • [C] Algerian
  • [D] None of the above

Which of the following is not a font style?

  • [A] Bold
  • [B] Italics
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4. What does EXT indicator on status bar of MS Word indicate?

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  • [D] None of above

Why Drop Caps are used in document?

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  • [B] To automatically begin each paragraph with capital letter
  • [C] To begin a paragraph with a large dropped initial capital letter
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