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If you want to keep track of different editions of a document which features will you use?

[A] Editions
[B] Versions
[C] Track Change
[D] All of above
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Shah Farooq - 2 years ago

Please send 100% correct answers.

nidhi - 2 years ago

B is the right answer.

nidhi - 2 years ago

agr hum discussions na dekhe to hum glt info le lege so plz shi answer de

nidhi - 2 years ago

Sorry but en questions ka kya fayda agr hum shi answer nhi jan pa rhe hai.

Raheel Riaz - 3 years ago

track change

Franzee Blanco - 4 years ago

yes, according to Mr. Google Track change is the correct answer.

Pramod Yadav - 4 years ago

Track change is right answer.. by using this option we can track all changes made in document

Guest - 5 years ago

sum one can plz explain

harshith - 1 week ago

harshith from Bengaluru, India is saying All of above is correct answer

sanskriti katarey
sanskriti katarey - 1 month ago

sanskriti katarey from Vidisha, India is saying Versions is correct answer

Deep - 1 month ago

Deep from Kolkata, India is saying Versions is correct answer

Emmanuel Adjei
Emmanuel Adjei - 1 month ago

Emmanuel Adjei from Cape Coast, Ghana is saying Versions is correct answer

Komal Manapure
Komal Manapure - 1 month ago

Komal Manapure from Pune, India is saying Editions is correct answer

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