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Which file starts MS Word?

[A] Word.exe
[B] Msword.exe
[C] Word2003.exe
[D] Winword.exe
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Umar Sharjeel - 4 years ago


Rajmeet Kaur - 5 years ago

What is the full form of .exe ?

Sahibpreet SINGH
Sahibpreet SINGH - 4 years ago

Sahibpreet SINGH from Delhi, India is saying Msword.exe is correct answer

Rajkumar Prajapati
Rajkumar Prajapati - 4 years ago

Rajkumar Prajapati from India is saying Winword.exe is correct answer

Sushma Sundas Karkidholi
Sushma Sundas Karkidholi - 4 years ago

Sushma Sundas Karkidholi from India is saying Word.exe is correct answer

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