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What do you mean by vertical separation between columns?

[A] Orientation
[B] Gutter
[C] Margin
[D] Index
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Sahibpreet SINGH
Sahibpreet SINGH - 4 years ago

Sahibpreet SINGH from Delhi, India is saying Margin is correct answer

Sushma Sundas Karkidholi
Sushma Sundas Karkidholi - 4 years ago

Sushma Sundas Karkidholi from India is saying Margin is correct answer

Sonia Akhtar
Sonia Akhtar - 4 years ago

Sonia Akhtar from Islamabad, Pakistan is saying Index is correct answer

Shehan Scropian
Shehan Scropian - 4 years ago

Shehan Scropian from Sri Lanka is saying Margin is correct answer

Muhammad Tayyab
Muhammad Tayyab - 4 years ago

Muhammad Tayyab from Gujranwala, Pakistan is saying Orientation is correct answer

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