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Which option in File pull-down menu is used to close a file in MSWord?

[A] New
[B] Quit
[C] Close
[D] Exit
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Dino Bisht - 3 years ago

Correct answer is close because exit close the whole software nd question asked about file n.

Bashir Khan - 3 years ago

Exit is Correct. go to the file and pull down the menu you will see a big EXIT.

sonia saini - 4 years ago

Exit is correct ... it's wrong answer

Sanjay Maurya - 4 years ago

EXIT closes the whole application software, not the document.

Full 2 Fun - 4 years ago

sorry gyzzz last one is correct

Full 2 Fun - 4 years ago

third one is correct

Manpreet Verma - 5 years ago

Exit command is used to exit from application and close command is used to close the file only not application.

Pramod Yadav - 6 years ago

Exit is used to close application to close file close command will be used

DASHARAM - 6 years ago

i think it is "exit"

Gaurav Dalal
Gaurav Dalal - 4 years ago

Gaurav Dalal from Delhi, India is saying Exit is correct answer

kamod rai
kamod rai - 4 years ago

kamod rai from Delhi, India is saying Quit is correct answer

Alyssa Robinson
Alyssa Robinson - 4 years ago

Alyssa Robinson from Wyoming, Canada is saying Quit is correct answer

Lakyn Willmore
Lakyn Willmore - 4 years ago

Lakyn Willmore from Wyoming, Canada is saying Close is correct answer

Megan DeVogelaere
Megan DeVogelaere - 4 years ago

Megan DeVogelaere from Wyoming, Canada is saying Close is correct answer

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