7 years ago in MS Word

Which menu in MSWord can be used to change character size and typeface?

[A] View
[B] Tools
[C] Format
[D] Data
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RoCk Widf RocckerSz - 4 years ago

Format is the right answer

Ihšån NånğýaLåý - 4 years ago

we can apply the commond from Home menu which is not included in the list so non of the above wl b the correct answer

Full Name - 4 years ago

it is old question. Now it is done through Home tab

Full 2 Fun - 4 years ago

third one is correct

Najam Mangi - 4 years ago

no its in the menu of font

Raji Raji - 5 years ago

anwser (C) format

kamod rai
kamod rai - 4 years ago

kamod rai from Delhi, India is saying View is correct answer

Abbi stoner
Abbi stoner - 4 years ago

Abbi stoner from Chatham, Canada is saying View is correct answer

Alyssa Robinson
Alyssa Robinson - 4 years ago

Alyssa Robinson from Wyoming, Canada is saying View is correct answer

Lakyn Willmore
Lakyn Willmore - 4 years ago

Lakyn Willmore from Wyoming, Canada is saying Format is correct answer

Shivam Keshri
Shivam Keshri - 4 years ago

Shivam Keshri from Delhi, India is saying View is correct answer

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