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Recently, the Union Cabinet approved the MoU between India and ________ on Cooperation in the Exploration and Uses of Outer Space for Peaceful Purposes.

[B] Brunei
[C] Kuwait
[D] ​Bahrain
[E] Oman
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N S Sankaran
N S Sankaran - 2 years ago

N S Sankaran from Chennai, India is saying ​Bahrain is correct answer

Shamim Akhter
Shamim Akhter - 2 years ago

Shamim Akhter from Kolkata, India is saying UAE is correct answer

Neha Bansal Besoya
Neha Bansal Besoya - 2 years ago

Neha Bansal Besoya from Gurgaon, India is saying ​Bahrain is correct answer

Anant Gautam
Anant Gautam - 2 years ago

Anant Gautam from Ahmedabad, India is saying Kuwait is correct answer

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