7 years ago in MS Word

How many columns can you insert in a word document in maximum?

[A] 40
[B] 45
[C] 50
[D] 55
[E] As you wish
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FARAZ AMJAD L1F14MBAM0178 - 4 years ago

but am now added 63 columns in word 2007 ?

ankit kumar - 4 years ago

bt in 2007 63 can be inseted

Niraj Rawat - 4 years ago

63 in windows 2007

Hoàng Long - 4 years ago

ầsafsdgsdgsfg sdgdsg dgdsgs sdgdsg dgdg

Mr. ROBINS KUMAR SAINI - 4 years ago

if anyone have problem call me 9536172172

Mr. ROBINS KUMAR SAINI - 4 years ago

45 is right answer.

GANESH MAHATO - 4 years ago

The Given answer is wrong, it will be 63

Sajid Hussain 840-FBAS/MSCS/F15 - 4 years ago

63 in word 20165

aliaan zafar - 4 years ago

its 63 in word 2010

malkeet - 5 years ago

nayar zaman

Neelesh Shukla - 5 years ago

In Microsoft Word you can insert a table with up to 63 columns, that is the limit to the number of columns allowed in a Word document.

Upender Thakur - 5 years ago

65 is right answer

rahul raj - 5 years ago

63 columns

ritik - 5 years ago

depends on version of office eg. in 2010, 63 row and cooumn can inserted

md bashar - 5 years ago

80 columns and 80 rows in office 2013

Lartey Ishmael - 5 years ago

B is correct

Full 2 Fun - 5 years ago

last one is correct

Najam Mangi - 5 years ago

No as you wish u can insert columns

Ashwani Kumar - 5 years ago

the answer that i m getting is 63 in ms word 2007

Ashwani Kumar - 5 years ago

the answer that i m getting is 61 in ms word 2007

Rubyat Shoikot - 5 years ago

63 in office 2007

Manpreet Verma - 5 years ago

Given choices are wrong. 63 columns can be inserted.

PAWAN KUMAR - 5 years ago

Anwser is 45

brooklyn breann caldwell - 5 years ago

answer is 45

gtec centre - 6 years ago

63 columns can insert to word document


you can insert as many as you like

Chami Mwalo - 6 years ago

There are only 63 in word 2007

Dost Ali - 6 years ago

ther wrong answer in word column insert 63

Kgaogelo Ramoshai - 6 years ago

you can insert as many as you like

Asghar Ali Soomro - 6 years ago

kindly updated all new version.

Nayar Zaman - 6 years ago

Only 53 Columns insert in the office 2010

Pramod Yadav - 7 years ago

Dear Mukesh its 63 columns

Guest - 7 years ago

62 row and 62 Column can be inserted

Ravindra Pal
Ravindra Pal - 1 week ago

Ravindra Pal from Delhi, India is saying As you wish is correct answer

Naresh - 2 months ago

Naresh from Delhi, India is saying As you wish is correct answer

OKESH MAJHI - 3 months ago

OKESH MAJHI from Dhanbad, India is saying 50 is correct answer


BHEEMANATHINI KALYAN KUMAR is saying 45 is correct answer

Joel Fofoh Kojo
Joel Fofoh Kojo - 6 months ago

Joel Fofoh Kojo from Accra, Ghana is saying 50 is correct answer

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