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To move the cursor page to page of document

[A] Ctrl+PgUp
[B] Ctrl+PgDn
[C] Both of above
[D] None of above
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CH M Haris Sarwar - 4 years ago

nklkkl gfdg dgdf dfgdf gdfgdf dfgdfgdf g g gfdfg

akash jadav
akash jadav - 4 years ago

akash jadav from Bengaluru, India is saying Ctrl+PgDn is correct answer

Carmen Taghap
Carmen Taghap - 4 years ago

Carmen Taghap from Philippines is saying Both of above is correct answer

Muhammad Tayyab
Muhammad Tayyab - 4 years ago

Muhammad Tayyab from Gujranwala, Pakistan is saying Both of above is correct answer

Rohit Gholkar
Rohit Gholkar - 4 years ago

Rohit Gholkar from Panjim, India is saying Ctrl+PgUp is correct answer

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Which combination of keys used as a shortcut for go to a page?

  • [A] Alt + G
  • [B] Ctrl + G
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What happens if you press Ctrl + Shift + F8?

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Shortcut for redo an action is _____?

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