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If you press __, the cell accepts your typing as its contents.

[A] Enter
[B] Insert
[C] Ctrl + Enter
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sajjad - 4 years ago

sub wrong answer hai ghatiya website

Sanjoy Mondal - 5 years ago

Sir i think 1is correct ans. Using Enter key we can it can be done.

Shivani Verma
Shivani Verma - 4 years ago

Shivani Verma from Delhi, India is saying Insert is correct answer

Carmen Taghap
Carmen Taghap - 4 years ago

Carmen Taghap from Philippines is saying Enter is correct answer

Danish Azim
Danish Azim - 4 years ago

Danish Azim from Kolkata, India is saying Ctrl + Enter is correct answer

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Shortcut for redo an action is _____?

  • [A] Ctrl + R
  • [B] Ctrl + U
  • [C] Ctrl + Y
  • [D] Ctrl + Delete

What is the correct combination of keys to find text on a document?

  • [A] Alt + F
  • [B] Ctrl + T
  • [C] Ctrl + F
  • [D] Ctrl + H

How can you access the font size tool on formatting toolbar?

  • [A] Ctrl + Shift + S
  • [B] Ctrl + Shift + P
  • [C] Ctrl + P
  • [D] Ctrl + S

You cannot close MS Word application by.

  • [A] Press Alt+F4
  • [B] Choosing File menu then Exit submenu
  • [C] From File menu choose Close submenu
  • [D] Click X button on title bar

You need to jump to the next column breaking current column right at the cursor position. How can you break column?

  • [A] Break command from Insert menu
  • [B] Pressing Ctrl+Enter
  • [C] Pressing Alt+Shift+Enter
  • [D] Both b and c