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Starting with 'shanivaar' arrange these words in the successive order of the days of a week mentioned in them

A. Guru Dakshina

B. Mangal Kaamna

C. Ravi Tanya

D. Som Kalash


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Kalyan Kumar Sandilya
Kalyan Kumar Sandilya - 6 days ago

Kalyan Kumar Sandilya is saying CDBA is correct answer

Mukta Malakar
Mukta Malakar - 1 year ago

Mukta Malakar from Varanasi, India is saying CDBA is correct answer

Sahil Kannaujiya
Sahil Kannaujiya - 1 year ago

Sahil Kannaujiya from Lucknow, India is saying DACB is correct answer

SURAJ SINGH - 1 year ago

SURAJ SINGH from Delhi, India is saying DACB is correct answer

Dinesh Garg
Dinesh Garg - 1 year ago

Dinesh Garg from Jind, India is saying CDBA is correct answer

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