7 years ago in KBC 8 - Episode 19

Which of these eatables would take on the shape if its container ?

[A] Khakhra
[B] Jalebi
[C] Gathiya
[D] Shrikhand
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Pradeep Kumar Awasthi
Pradeep Kumar Awasthi - 4 years ago

Pradeep Kumar Awasthi from India is saying Shrikhand is correct answer

AR Makers
AR Makers - 4 years ago

AR Makers from Bhilai Charoda, India is saying Shrikhand is correct answer

Ashu Gupta
Ashu Gupta - 4 years ago

Ashu Gupta from Anand, India is saying Jalebi is correct answer

Kulwant Khatri
Kulwant Khatri - 4 years ago

Kulwant Khatri from Chandigarh, India is saying Khakhra is correct answer

Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar - 4 years ago

Rajesh Kumar from Mumbai, India is saying Shrikhand is correct answer

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