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Which company is the biggest player in the microprocessor industry?

[A] Motorola
[C] Intel
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Rohit Gholkar
Rohit Gholkar - 4 years ago

Rohit Gholkar from Panjim, India is saying Intel is correct answer

Anokhi - 4 years ago

Anokhi from India is saying Intel is correct answer

Sahadev Manik
Sahadev Manik - 4 years ago

Sahadev Manik from Kolkata, India is saying Intel is correct answer

Muhammad Jamshed Mahmood
Muhammad Jamshed Mahmood - 4 years ago

Muhammad Jamshed Mahmood from Lahore, Pakistan is saying IBM is correct answer

ranaasif - 4 years ago

ranaasif from Multan, Pakistan is saying Intel is correct answer

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