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Karnataka Bank Limited has promoted two of its General Managers, Balachandra YV and Gokuldas Pai, as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and ________, respectively.

[A] CFO 
[D] MD
[E] None of these
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Shantanu Chauhan
Shantanu Chauhan - 1 year ago

Shantanu Chauhan from Ghaziabad, India is saying CBO is correct answer

deshak m b
deshak m b - 1 year ago

deshak m b from Bengaluru, India is saying CFO  is correct answer

Rambabu katiyar
Rambabu katiyar - 1 year ago

Rambabu katiyar from Vadodara, India is saying CEO is correct answer

Bimla Sharma
Bimla Sharma - 1 year ago

Bimla Sharma from New Delhi, India is saying MD is correct answer

Pradeep kumar
Pradeep kumar - 1 year ago

Pradeep kumar from New Delhi, India is saying CFO  is correct answer

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