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---- can check the physical address of source & destination contained in the frame.

[A] Bridge
[B] Router
[C] Hub
[D] Gateway
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Subhi H. Hamdoon
Subhi H. Hamdoon - 3 months ago

Subhi H. Hamdoon from Iraq is saying Hub is correct answer

Tsega Asresa Mengistu
Tsega Asresa Mengistu - 8 months ago

Tsega Asresa Mengistu from Dessie, Ethiopia is saying Router is correct answer

moha qouta
moha qouta - 11 months ago

moha qouta from Gaza, Palestine is saying Bridge is correct answer

Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohamed Ibrahim - 1 year ago

Mohamed Ibrahim from Palestine is saying Bridge is correct answer

Shammi kumar
Shammi kumar - 1 year ago

Shammi kumar from Baijnath, India is saying Bridge is correct answer

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